Pathfinder Profile Pack for Lightroom / Camera RAW

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Profiles of the Pathfinder Profile Pack work both in Lightroom and in Adobe Camera Raw!
I've created the pack with RAW photography in mind, but they will work just as right with phone and GoPro shots as well.
Personally tested!

Within the pack you will find 12 different Presets:

  1. Pathfinder Bright
  2. Pathfinder Cobalt
  3. Pathfinder Cold
  4. Pathfinder Warm
  5. Pathfinder Color +
  6. Pathfinder Emerald
  7. Pathfinder Emerald Deep
  8. Pathfinder Fusion
  9. Pathfinder Fusion +
  10. Pathfinder X
  11. Pathfinder Whitewash
  12. Pathfinder Streetwalk
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Pathfinder Travel Pack

12 Pathfinder Presets
Installation Guide
Profile Specifics Booklet

Pathfinder Profile Pack for Lightroom / Camera RAW

0 ratings
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